music week



A week-long sponsored summer camp for youth to learn how to create music. Through fundamental skills like production, engineering, vocal coaching, project development, songwriting, and innovative software-driven creativity, taught by industry professional mentors, attendees will learn how to utilize self-expression, positively manage time and energy, work as a team, access career opportunities, and learn entrepreneurial skills.

Who can join?

    •  Kids from ages 12 to 17

    • Youth from underserved communities and low-income and middle-class households

    • All youth (from every background) who are interested in making music, or learning more about how music is made.

    • Youth unable to participate in music programs at school, or who want to participate in additional art and music programming outside of school.

    • Attendees will be paired with industry professional mentors (volunteers) as well as “chaperones” for the duration of the camp. (3 attendees to 1 mentor/chaperone ratio)

Benefits of the program:

    • Spending time in energetically positive and creative environments offers perspective to time management, self-care, and mental health. We want to see kids spending time in the studio (or ENGAGING IN any other creative outlet) rather than on the streets.
    • This camp and learnings may look good on college resumes – extracurricular.

    • Creating music teaches teamwork and connectivity.

    • Music offers a safe space to vent, share, innovate, and release thoughts and feelings without judgment.

    • Through music, kids learn how to create and market their own products. Kids learn business skills and practices.

    • Music creation teaches entrepreneurship.

    • The music creation process mimics workplace environment requirements: how to work together, manage personalities, organize, and delegate tasks.

    • This camp offers insight into potential career paths within the music industry – we hope to inspire passion.

Learn about:

  • Songwriting
  • Music Production
  • Creative direction
  • Marketing
  • Releases and distribution
  • AI Songwriting
  • Media
  • Recording
  • Press
  • Ethics & Music Business
  • Engineering
  • Career Opportunity
  • Artistic Equity

Support our Program

Help us to raise funds to support more youth and cover the cost of the venue, equipment, performances, and activities. Please select the “Music Week” under Select Cause to donate.