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SWAP – Meet & Greet: Change Drive and GCM 2nd Year Anniversary!

A unique pop-up shopping experience for kids in foster care and at-risk youth.

About this event

Join us for a day of music, food, activities, and thrift shopping. We would love your support as we get to know our community and fundraiser for our next Swap Meet & Greet & the celebration of our 2nd Year Anniversary event on May 22nd from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM PDT!

How you can help:

You can donate lightly used items to be sold at our outdoor garage sale! We are looking for items such as:

  • Household items
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Home Decor
  • Jewelry
  • Artwork

Donations can be dropped off at INlighten Community or picked up. For donations pick up or drop off contact Jennifer Chand at 818-974-2657.


A unique pop-up shopping experience for kids in foster care and at-risk youth, dedicated to creating an enjoyable environment and experience that they can take pride in.

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