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Music Week

A week-long sponsored summer camp for youth to learn how to create music. Through fundamental skills like production, engineering, vocal coaching, project development, songwriting, and innovative software-driven creativity, taught by industry professional mentors, attendees will learn how to utilize self-expression, positively manage time and energy, work as a team, access career opportunities, and learn entrepreneurial skills.

Celebration of Jenn's Life

An indoor and outdoor event dedicated to Jenn Chand. We will be inviting all the kids she helped, all organizations, and the souls she’s touched over her lifetime.

Help us raise $10k to make this event possible. There will be booths for non-profit organizations to present their youth programs, sell donated goods, have indoor and outdoor yoga, breathwork, and energy healing activities, and a music stage for performances.

How can we help?

We believe our problems exist due to an imbalance within our social values and connections that need to focus on the Stacking Approach with a goal to empower communities and individuals, so we can resolve different social issues.

We encourage everyone in joint community efforts who also shares the same values.