Disrupting Barriers For People In Need


A community of leaders of all walks of life creating new “recipes” of services and programs to empower both our local communities as well as individuals in need.


We believe that our problems exist due to an imbalance in our social values and connections and need to focus on a stacking approach to our problems in joint community efforts to empower networks of individuals to resolve them together.


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Regenerative Gardens for At-Risk & Foster Youth

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Our Recent Projects

Creator Kitchens, Micro Farms & Garden Training

A kitchen is a place where ingredients are blended together to make something nourishing. Through the “Creator Kitchen” concept, we can create conditions for growth and thriving in both food and people.

Our current projects offer young people opportunities and access to education and services they wouldn’t normally have: qualified mentorship, high-quality food sources, wellness and nutrition information, community support, and job pathways in settings that allow them to evolve at their own way and pace, inspired by their authentic interests.

Growing into success

Corporate programs to create gig – economy style work for the underserved at-risk youth in our community with mentoring, training, and management services provided by Guerrilla Community Movement.

The goal is for youth to make $500 to get help them get back on their feet.  That will make a big impact and will help them get away from homelessness.

Our Founding Story

We started as GMM; Guerrilla Mask Movement laser focused on quality control, sourcing and delivery of quality medical grade masks to frontline workers in need during the initial phases of the Covid pandemic when the mask supply chain in the US was faced with one of the worst supply chain disruptions its every faced in history. Quickly we were joined by people in all walks of life to share important information impacting social and commercial concerns alike, months before they hit mainstream news, creating a brain trust of leaders with a passion to get ahead of our community problems. Today we are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization with the name Guerrilla Community Movement taking our initial grassroots, entrepreneurial approach to serving local community needs focused on regenerative concepts to bring back communities.

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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

– Aesop

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