Community Through Unity

Guerrilla Community Movement

GCM believes that the power and responsibility to solve community challenges lies within the community. Imbalances in our social values and connections perpetuate inequalities of opportunity. By fostering unity, we embark on a mission to facilitate the healing of our communities. With leaders from diverse backgrounds, we craft innovative projects and services, like heartfelt recipes, to empower and uplift our local communities on an inspiring transformation journey.

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The K.W. Lee Spirit Award

We are proud and honored to have received an award at The K.W. Lee Center for Leadership’s 17th Annual Dinner & Silent Auction for our community efforts with the KAYLIT program held December 1, 2022. Our individual efforts, no matter how small, when combined and orchestrated in a community can make a huge impact. We were able to prove this by mentoring spirited high school and college kids in KW Lee’s summer leadership program to implement innovative food insecurity solutions in the impoverished Los Angeles areas.  Our future is in our children, let’s help them fix the mistakes our generation has caused.

Spicy Sippin’ Sauce For A Cause!

The mission is to make quality sauces using better ingredients that’ll knock your socks off while contributing to the betterment of our youth and communities.  We’ve poured our passion to help our at-risk youth into our sauces and will dedicate the donations to fund programs and scholarships to help our youth.  Please donate today and you’ll get a hot sauce kit delivered to your home.

KAYLT Program

Over the past couple of projects in 2021 and 2022, GCM has been focusing on helping at-risk youth and food insecurity by starting a garden project at St. Joseph’s community center as well as mentoring some of Mar Diego’s youths in internships. We presented to the K.W. Lee Foundation’s KAYLT kids, and they chose to partner with us over many other nonprofits’ efforts in LA. KAYLT (Korean American Youth Leaders in Training) is a program that provides an opportunity for Korean American students to develop leadership skills, explore their culture and history, experience hands-on community organizing, and develop a larger perspective of themselves about their community, as well as the larger public arena.

Our Values

Be a hero.
Empowerment through education and mentorship.
Take action/ Be a leader.
Dialectic/ Respect all principles and beliefs.
Breakthrough bureaucracy and red tape.
Interconnectedness of nonprofit, commerce, and community.
Practical, Effectual, and Resourceful.
Wellness of community and individuals.

Our Founding Story

We started as GMM; Guerrilla Mask Movement laser-focused on quality control, sourcing, and delivery of quality medical grade masks to frontline workers in need during the initial phases of the Covid pandemic when the mask supply chain in the US was faced with one of the worst supply chain disruptions its ever faced in history. Quickly we were joined by people from all walks of life to share important information impacting social and commercial concerns alike, months before they hit mainstream news, creating a brain trust of leaders with a passion to get ahead of our community problems.

Today we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the name Guerrilla Community Movement taking our initial grassroots, entrepreneurial approach to serving local community needs to be focused on regenerative concepts to bring back communities.


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